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AWN Heavyweight Champion

AJ Steele

AWN Tag-Team Champions

Colt Callaway
Drew Adler

AWN Heritage Champion

Clyde Braddock

October 17th, 2014 -- Halloween Hell 9

In his HH debut, Colt Callaway scores a pinfall victory over Marvelous Michael Stevens and as per the stipulation, Stevens had to kiss his foot. Gross!!

Stunt Marshall hates the fans and found a partner who hates them even more, Fred Yehi. The duo scores a pinfall over IamDelicious!!

In the I quit match, the Main Attraction Michael Hirsch says I quit and tries one last time to play on the emotions of WildChild Joey Kidman. Kidman puts him through a table and ends this long running feud!!

Tyson Dean scores a roll up victory on a distracted Drew Adler. As per the stipulation, the win gives the General Manager job to none other than Ryan North. North celebrates and lingers too long and Adler takes advantage to deliver a long time coming beat down to his brother!!

Clyde Braddock's first HH is a memorable one as he defeats Fry Daddy to become the new AWN Heritage Champion!!

Despite the best efforts of Tradition to sway the outcome, AJ Steele defeats Encore Zac Edwards to become the new AWN Champion!!

October 3rd, 2014 -- Adrenaline!!

Stunt Marshall defeats IamFatality in the opening contest of the evening!!

Clyde Braddock destroys Lamar with a viscous spear for a victory!!

WildChild looks sharp and scores a pinfall over Rick Ganz!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy defeats Corey Cox!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch defeats Delicious Don Yoder via pinfall!!

Tyson Dean, Marvelous Michael Stevens and the AWN Champion Zac Edwards battle the AWN Tag Campions, Drew Adler and Colt Callaway, and AJ Steele to a no contest!!

September 19th, 2014 Adrenaline!!

WildChild Joey Kidman defeats Encore Zac Edwards via disqualification!!

Clyde Braddick DESTROYS IamFatality!!

AWN Tag Team Champions, Drew Adler and Colt Callaway defeat AWN newcomers, Wyld Stallyns!!

Stunt Marshall defeats Delicious Don Yoder via pinfall!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy looks sharp in a pinfall victory over Chris Crunk!!

Tradition gets a pinfall victory over the team of WildChild Joey Kidman and AJ Steele!!

September 5th, 2014 -- Adrenaline!!

In the opening contest, Drew Adler defeats Stunt Marshall via submission!!

Clyde Braddick looks dominant with a pinfall victory over Delicious Don Yoder!!

IamFatality picks up a pinfall victory over AWN Legend, Dangerous Danny Horne!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch defeats Logan Creed!!

WildChild Joey Kidman defeats CJ Collins!!

AWN Champion, Encore Zac Edwards defeats AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy!!

AJ Steele defeats Marvelous Michael Stevens!!

August 29th, 2014 - Adrenaline

In a solo contest, IamFatality plays spoiler and defeats the returning Bric Bradley!!

In his first AWN appearance in over a year, IamStorm gets manhandled by powerhouse, Clyde Braddick. Welcome back, Storm!!

WildChild Joey Kidman and Logan Creed treated the AWN faithful to a genuine slugfest which saw Kidman connect with a monster spear for the win!!

AJ Steele continues to steamroll by making quick work out of The Main Attraction, Michael Hirsch!!

AWN Champion Zac Edwards defeats Delicious Don Yoder!!

Colt Callaway and Drew Adler defeat Marvelous Michael Stevens and Tyson Dean to become the new AWN Tag Team Champions!!

August 15, 2014--ADRENALINE!!!

With a timely distraction from his partner, Marvelous Michael Stevens, AWN Tag Champion, Tyson Dean defeats Colt Callaway in a solo contest!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch defeats Billy Knight!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy defeats Clyde Braddick in a non title contest!!

WildChild Joey Kidman makes quick work out of Dangerous Danny Horne!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens defeats Delicious Don Yoder after Yoder interrupts him and the AWN Champion, Zac Edwards as they address the crowd!!

AJ Steele defeats Drew Adler in a incredible match to become the number one contender for the AWN Championship!!

August 1st, 2014 - Adrenaline!

To get things kicked off Redd, from the hit TV show Bad Girls Club of Chicago greeted the fans and fired up for what turned out to be a hot night of action at the AWN Wrestleplex.

Colt Callaway gets a count out victory over AWN Champion Zac Edwards!!

Delicious Don Yoder steamrolls Stunt Marshall for the pinfall victory!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch defeats IAmFatality!!

Drew Adler gets a submission victory over Marvelous Michael Stevens and advances to the finals for the Number One Contenders Tournament!!

AWN Heritage Champion Fry a Daddy, retains with a pinfall victory over Clyde Braddick!!

In a battle of big men, Logan Creed defeats WildChild Joey Kidman!!

AJ Steele advances to the finals of the Number One Contender's tournament with a huge victory over Tyson Dean. Stevens attempted to interfere but Bad Girls Club celebrity host, Redd , had Steele's back and prevents the save!!

July 25th, 2014 - Adrenaline!

WildChild Joey Kidman defeats Do or Die Chip Day!!

Tyson Dean makes quick work out of the man known as Cupcake!!

IamDelcious takes advantage or some miscommunication between Dangerous Danny Horne and Phenom to score a win over the two AWN vets!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens defeats Colt Callaway!!

In a non-title match, Shane Curtis defeats AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy!!

Drew Adler defeats the Main Attraction Michael Hirsch!!

Murder One picks up a DQ victory over the AWN Champion, Zac Edwards, after Tradition hit the ring and interfere on the champs behalf!!

June 20th, 2014 - The Summer Super Show

In the opening contest of the Summer Super Show, The Beast Shane Curtis has officially joined Tradition and with an assist from Ryan Adler, picks up a win over Colt Callaway!!

Delicious Don Yoder continues to build momentum with a delicious win over Eli Daniels!!

In the latest chapter of the feud that won't end, the Main Attraction Michael Hirsch endures incredible pain and a viscous swirly in the AWN bathroom to emerge victorious over WildChild Joey Kidman Falls Count Anywhere Match!!

Tyson Dean and Marvelous Michael Stevens retain the AWN Tag Team Championship with a controversial victory over The Usual Suspects!!

The AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy, seemed to be caught off guard by the unusually aggressive, IamFatality but is able to recover and pick up the win to retain his title!!

AWN Champion Zac Edwards fends off a ferocious attack from Drew Adler and escapes with the title after Tradition hit the ring giving Adler a beat down and a DQ win!!

June 6th, 2014

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy, retains his title with a pinfall victory over Tommy Penirelli!!

Dangerous Danny Horne returns and despite the chorus of boos he received from the fans, takes care of business with a win over Delicious Don Yoder!!

Colt Callaway becomes Tradition's public enemy number one after using the classic AWN Small Package, to steal a victory from Marvelous Michael Stevens!!

Bric Bradley gets a win over WildChild Joey Kidman??

In a totally one sided contest, Drew Adler looked sharp and simply destroys Clyde Haynes!!

It was the return of one of the most decorated tag teams in AWN history, Beauty and the Beast, as Shane Curtis and the AWN Champion, Encore Zac Edwards, reunite for one night only. Sadly, the Usual Suspects, weren't in a sentimental mood and with a shot at tag gold on the horizon, decide to play spoilers for the evening and bludgeon their way to a pinfall victory!!

Adrenaline May 30th, 2014

In the opening contest, The Beast Shane Curtis and Zac Edwards defeat IamDelicious!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch defeats the debuting Gil Quest via pinfall!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy defeats CB Suave in a non-title contest!!

Bric Bradley wants respect and AWN gold and says he will go through anyone he has to to get it and AJ Steele is first on his list?? Steele destroys Bradley for the win!!

After a slugfest that resembled a heavyweight boxing match, WildChild Joey Kidman spoils the return of Paul Warfield by making the former champion tap out for a submission victory!!

This was Adorable Anthony Andrews' last night in the AWN and in their final match ever, the BFF pull out all the stops but fall short against the team of Colt Callaway and Drew Adler!!

May 16th, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

Fry Daddy connects with a huge cutter to defeat Kross and become the new AWN Heritage Champion!!

Colt Callaway picks up a huge win over the debuting, CB Suave!!

Newcomer Jeremy Foster opens some eyes in his AWN debut but falls to The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch and his super kick!!

Tyson Dean and Marvelous Michael Stevens defeat IamDelicious and once again are AWN Tag Team Champions!!

WildChild Joey Kidman steamrolls Bric Bradley in solo action!!

Drew Adler forces Adorable Anthony Andrews to submit via submission. After the match, Andrews challenges Drew and a partner of his choice to take on BFF at the next show!!

The Triple Threat match for the AWN Championship between current champ, Zac Edwards, the Beast Shane Curtis, and AJ Steele ends in a no contest when Tradition hits the ring and preserves the championship for Edwards!!

May 2nd, 2014

In the opening contest, Drew Adler defeats "Marvelous" Michael Stevens via submission!!

Tyson Dean destroys Delicious Don Yoder!!

AWN Champion, Zac Edwards, defeats IamFatality in a non-title match!!

WildChild Joey Kidman defeats Stunt Marshall via pinfall!!

Colt Callaway picks up a huge win over "The Main Attraction" Michael Hirsch, after a timely distraction from "WildChild" Joey Kidman!!

In the first ever AWN Blindfold match, Fry Daddy connects with a huge cutter on AWN Heritage Champion Kross; picking up the win in a non-title contest!!

"The Beast" Shane Curtis and AJ Steele ends in a no contest after "Tradition" hits the ring and beats both men down!!

April 18th, 2014 - Adrenaline

AWN Heritage Champion Kross defeats Colt Callaway!!

The Main Attraction, Michael Hirsch, defeats Billy Knight!!

IamFatality and Delicious Don Yoder defeat Marvelous Michael Stevens and Tyson Dean to become the new AWN Tag Team Champions!!

Shane Curtis defeats Fry Daddy via pinfall!!

AJ Steele had Zac Edwards and the AWN Championship fully on his grasp when Tradition hits the ring and delivers a beat down on the Black Superman. Edwards takes the loss but retains the title and is also the newest member of Tradition!!

April 4th, 2014 - Adrenaline

Fry Daddy defeats Stunt Marshal via pinfall!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch gets the win over Delicious Don Yoder!!

Adorable Anthony Andrews defeats Drew Adler via count out!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens defeats IamFatality

Bric Bradley gets a DQ victory over WildChild Joey Kidman after TMA interferes costing Kidman the contest!!

AJ Steele gets a pinfall victory over the AWN Heritage Champion, Kross, in a non-title contest!!

March 21, 2014 - Vendetta 2014

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch makes good on his boasts and connects with a huge super kick for the win over WildChild Joey Kidman!!

Thanks to a timely assist from Delicious Don Yoder, IamFatality picks up a win over Stunt Marshall!!

Bric Bradley played the role of spoiler and continued his win streak by ending Colt Callaway with a clean pin fall victory!!

In the 2 out of 3 falls, loser leaves AWN match, AJ Steele and Jake Slater split the first two falls but it was Steele who came out on top and sent Slater off packing into the sunset!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Kross, had his hands full in his match with Fry Daddy. Unable to maintain offense for any length of time, Kross gives in to his frustrations and decides to take a count out, giving the win to Fry Daddy but retaining his title in the process!!

Drew Adler and Adorable Anthony Andrews had the AWN Tag Titles in their sights as they took on the champs, Tyson Dean and Marvelous Michael Stevens. Things seemed to be going in their favor until Andrews proves you can't keep the BFF apart and spears Adler out of his shoes. Winners and still champs, Stevens and Dean!!

Encore Zac Edwards is the new AWN Champion after a very dangerous and grueling victory over the Beast Shane Curtis in the Flaming Table match.

March 7th, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

In your opening contest, Drew Adler dismantles Bric Bradley!!

Colt Callaway continues his red hot streak with a big pin fall victory over Stunt Marshall!!

After a passionate promo aimed at WildChild Joey Kidman, The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch steals a victory away from Adorable Anthony Andrews!!

The AWN Tag Team Champions, Tyson Dean and Marvelous Michael Stevens, with Ryan North, defeat the team of IamFatality and Delicious Don Yoder to retain their titles!!

WildChild Joey Kidman gets the pin fall victory over the Real Deal Jake Slater with a little help from special first referee, AJ Steele!!

The AWN Heritage and Heavyweight Champions, Kross and Shane Curtis defeat the team Fry Daddy and Encore Zac Edwards!!

February 21st, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

The AWN Heavyweight Champion, The Beast Shane Curtis scores a pin fall victory over Fry Daddy in the opening contest!!

Delicious Don Yoder defeats the returning Stunt Marshall via pin fall!!

Colt Callaway defeats Bric Bradley!!

With Ryan Adler in their corner, Tyson Dean and Marvelous Michael Stevens became the new AWN Tag Team Champions. Since Ryan Adler is injured and at odds with his brother, Drew was forced to pick a new partner. Marv gets the nod but turns on Adler mid-match, allowing Dean to get the pin and tag gold.

WildChild Joey Kidman picks up a DQ victory over the Real Deal Jake Slater after AJ Steele attacks Slater!!

Adorable Anthony Andrews manhandles IamFatality and connects with a huge spear on his way to a quick victory!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Kross, retains his title with a big win over Encore Zac Edwards!!

February 7, 2014 - Adrenaline!

Drew Adler defeats Brian Blaze!!

Newcomer Colt Callaway upsets Fred Yehi!!

Bric Bradley picks ups a big win over IamFatality!!

AJ Steele defeats The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch and WildChild Joey Kidman!!

Tyson Dean defeats Delicious Don Yoder via submission!!

Fry Daddy defeats Marvelous Michael Stevens!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Kross and the AWN Heavyweight Champion, Shane Curtis, defeat Adorable Anthony Andrews and Encore Zac Edwards in tag team action!!

January 31, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

In our opening contest, Fry Daddy defeats Bric Bradley via pin fall.

Fred Yehi keeps picking up steam and picks up a pin fall victory over Delicious Don Yoder!!

In his AWN debut, newcomer, Colt Callaway gets a huge win over The Real Deal, Jake Slater!!

Encore Zac Edwards keeps his eye on the AWN Heritage Championship as he fights off a very aggressive Michael Hirsch and picks up the big win!!

Tyson Dean steamrolls over IamFatality and gets a pin fall victory over the crowd favorite!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Kross, defeats Adorable Anthony Andrews!!

AJ Steele defeats WildChild Joey Kidman via pin fall in tonight's main event!!

January 17th - CAGED CHAOS!!

Kross is the new AWN Heritage Champion after defeating Marvelous Michael Stevens in a street fight!!

WildChild Joey Kidman defeats Delicious Don Yoder!!

Fry Daddy gets a pin fall victory over Fred Yehi!!

Adorable Anthony Andrews defeats Tyson Dean!!

Encore Zac Edwards outlasts The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch, The Real Deal Jake Slater, and AJ Steele to become the number one contender for the AWN Championship!!

With an assist from Kross and Ryan Adler, Shane Curtis escapes the steel cage and retains the AWN Heavyweight title with a shocking victory over Drew Adler!!

January 3rd, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

Fred Yehi w/ Aja defeats Fry Daddy via pin fall!!

Delicious Don Yoder rallies late and destroys Bric Bradley!!

The AWN Heavyweight Champion, The Beast Shane Curtis makes quick work of IamFatality!!

Adorable Anthony Andrews gets a DQ victory but Marvelous Michael Stevens retains the AWN Heritage Championship after Kross interferes and attacks Andrews!!

Drew Adler runs into an overly aggressive Dangerous Danny Horne but connects with a huge Drew Drop for the win!!

Kross was on his way to a victory over Ryan Adler, when Shane Curtis comes out and asks his partner to stop beating Adler. Kross complies and Ryan is awarded the victory!!

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch and The Real Deal Jake Slater pick up the win over AJ Steele and Encore Zac Edwards in tag action!!

Dec 20th,2013 -- Adrenaline!

Encore Zac Edwards defeats Dangerous Danny Horne via pin fall!!

Bric Bradley pins Delicious Don Yoder!!

IamFatality hangs tough but The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch proves to be too much for the King of Crayons and picks up the win!!

The BFF, Adorable Anthony Andrews & Marvelous Michael Stevens, outclass the team of Brian Blaze & De La Vega in tag team action!!

With an assist from Fred Yehi, Aja Perrerra scores a pin fall victory over Nina Monet in a rare ladies matchup!!

Fred Yehi scores a questionable victory over AJ Steele with a timely distraction by WildChild Joey Kidman and Michael Hirsch!!

Drew and Ryan Adler are the first brother tag team in AWN history and after a very hard fought battle against Kross and Curtis and a questionable restart by General Manager, Ben Masters, they are the new AWN Tag Team Champions!!

December 6th, 2013 - Adrenaline!

Adorable Anthony Andrews gets a count out victory after his opponent, Tyson Dean, decides to quit the contest!

Fry Daddy makes quick work out of CJ Cowboy!

Thanks to an assist from special guest referee, Marvelous Michael Stevens, Delicious Don Yoder picks up a big win against one half of the AWN Tag Team Champions, Kross!

AJ Steele destroys Dangerous Danny Horne!

The Main Attraction, Michael Hirsch super kicks his way to a win over the returning, Shawn Hunter!

The Adler brothers pick up a big win against the team of Fred Yehi and Bric Bradley!

AWN Heavyweight Champion, The Beast Shane Curtis successfully defends his title against Encore Zac Edwards!!

November 29th - Adrenaline Results

AWN Heritage Champion, Marvelous Michael Stevens vs. IAMFatality.

Marv turned what was supposed to be a non-title match into a title match putting the Heritage title on the line. Marv ends up pulling ahead and remains strong. Fatality comes back and attempts a pin. Fails but remains in control until Marv counters. A little bit later, Marv goes for a pin and retains the title. Good sportsmanship until Kross enters and attacks Marv. Marv fights back and remains standing. Kross takes the mic. Says that Marv won’t know peace or be safe until Kross has the title again. Announcer Ben Masters speaks up and tells Kross to stay out for the next match.

Kross vs Yoder
Kross goes on the offensive early as Yoder just enters the ring and remains in control. Signs of life from Yoder. Kross goes for Yoder’s knee after a pin attempt from Yoder. Again life from Yoder. No use as Kross takes back control. Kross wins.

Shane’s music hits. Gives Kross his tag belt and begins to speak. Shane says he believes in Kross getting his belt back. Talks about Drew. Says he will choose their next match since Drew chose for Halloween Hell. Shane reveals that he wants Drew’s brother to choose the match. Zac’s music drops. Zac says that he has a “part in this play”. Thinks that he should be #1 contender. Jake’s music hits. He believes that he should be #1 contender. Both believe this since they won their respective matches at Halloween Hell. Ben steps up and says that they will have a match tonight to determine the #1 contender. This will be the main event. Winner will fight Shane on Dec. 6th, the next show. Everyone leaves the ring.

Fred Yehi vs Fry Daddy
First off, Fred fires Ben from announcing him and introduces some chick. Fred returns backstage so that the young lady can reintroduce him. It’s a very drawn-out, exaggerated intro. Match takes forever to start as Fred wishes to have a conversation with his female friend. Then Fry gets involved and so on as little pranks ensue. Finally, the bell is rung once Fred stops chatting with his ring side valet. Fred pulls ahead to take control. Fry comes back explosively. Fred crawls out of the ring in a panic. He gets back in after a moment. Test of strength ensues. Fred pulls ahead. Bit of back and forth. Fry controls in a corner, getting the crowd riled up as they count along. More exchanges. Fred takes his shirt off. I’m guessing he’s serious now. And indeed he is as he really takes it to Fry. Submission hold from Fred. Fry comes back and attempts a pin. No use. Some hard hits from Fred, followed by a painful chop. Fred maintains control. Counter from Fry. Both are down. Fry gains his feet first and thus takes control. Elbow drop from Fry into pin. Kick-out. Counter by Fred for the win ultimately. It took a while to actually start, but once it did, it turned into an incredible match. The action was fast-paced and crowd was loud. Definitely a solid match.

The Main Attraction Michael Hirsch vs. AJ Steele
We start off with AJ spitting water into Michael’s face. AJ takes control. Okay, maybe AJ dominates. Counter by Michael which leads to Michael taking control in the corner. AJ knocked out of the ring. A fight outside ensues as they go around the ring a little. They find their way back in. Michael still in control. At least 3 attempted pins within a minute by Michael as he looks to end it early. AJ starts to fight back but it’s no use as he’s shot down. Submission hold but of course AJ refuses to quit. Comeback from AJ….and it’s shut down. I think I see a pattern here (AJ tries to come back but fails), just as I’m sure that chants of TMA and AJ will continue to ring in my head after this match. Michael goes up top, but fails to connect. Both men down. AJ takes control. Counter by Michael. Back to the top…into the black hole slam for the win. AJ, in victory, pours water on Michael’s back.

Tyson Dean vs. Adorable Anthony Andrews
Of course Tyson comes out first and insults the crowd (though I think he might have lost his train of thought toward the end). Tyson demands that “Pudgy”, aka the ref, check Andrews. A Small back and forth ensues that leads to Andrews taking control. Tyson steals control. Chants of “Tyson Chicken” start, but it’s short-lived. Pin attempt. Kick-out. A lot of rubbing Adorable Anthony Andrew’s head into things in this match (mat, ropes, etc.). Tyson focusing on the arm. Big kick from Anthony but Tyson rebounds. Back to the left arm. Tyson dominating so far. Comeback from Andrews. Was going somewhere until Tyson throws Anthony down and goes for the arm again. Refuses to break hold so ref calls for bell. Adorable Anthony Andrews wins by DQ. It was an alright match.

Bric Bradley vs Drew Adler w/ Ryan Adler
Starts with a headlock by Drew. Leads to some countering by Bric. In the end, Drew maintains control. Bric tries to take control. Short-lived. Crowd pokes at Bric a little because of a tattoo he has this week. Fast-paced exchange that gives way to Drew being in charge. I get the feeling that Bric might regret this a little. Anyway, Bric leaves ring. Drew pursues. Going back into the ring allows Bric to take the lead. Pin attempt from Bric. Fail. Bric attempts a submission hold of some sort. Drew gets out of it and steals control. Bric comeback. Explosive comeback from Drew. Some ensuing back and forth. Bric attempts to take control but fails. Eventual pin attempt by Drew with a kick-out by Bric. Leads to some excellent back and forth but Drew takes the lead and goes for the pin. Drew wins. Afterwards, Ben wants a word with the Adler brothers. Reminds them of Shane’s wish for Ryan to choose stipulation. Ryan speaks. Says that he feels like he is a distraction for Drew no matter what Drew might say. Because of that he feels like maybe choosing the next match will somehow redeem him or something due to all that occurred at Halloween Hell. He then asks fans to help him choose. He gives them three choices but really only one matters. The fans have chosen the steel cage match. Steel cage will take place on Jan. 17th. The match had a moment of slowness to start with, but it quickly increased in pace. In my opinion, I feel like Bric was a little hesitant in the beginning, but he got into the groove of things. Overall, a good match.

The Real Deal Jake Slater vs. Encore Zac Edwards
Grease ball chants but the joke is on the crowd; Jake’s hair is actually dry. Jake takes control early on. Reversals ensue. Zac gains control of the match. After an exchange, the control went to back Jake. It’s clear that both men really want to win and just might do anything to achieve that. Indeed some cheating follows from Jake as he locks in a headlock and uses the ropes to assist him. Referee checks Zac for signs of life and Zac is not done as he escapes and makes a comeback. Yet another lock from Jake. Zac comes back. Pin, kick-out. Jake refuses to stay down. Shane interferes and takes down both men. Referee signals for bell. Ben speaks, saying that Shane doesn’t want to wrestle either of them. Since he thought he could possibly get out of defending his title at the next show, Ben makes a triple threat match. On Dec. 6th Shane defends the title in a triple threat match against The Real Deal Jake Slater and Encore Zac Edwards.

November 15th, 2013 - Adrenaline!

Bric Bradley defeats Fry Daddy!

Tyson Dean continues his slow march to the top with a submission victory over Dancing Don Yoder!

AJ Steele earns a count out victory after his opponent, The. Main Attraction Michael Hirsch decides he's had enough and quits the contest!

IamFatality and AWN Heritage Champion Marvelous Michael Stevens had their match cut short and ruled a no contest after Stevens injures his back and is unable to continue!

Drew Adler get a pin-fall victory over fellow Ga. Indy standout Fred Yehi!

AWN Heavyweight Champion, The Beast Shane Curtis retains in his first title defense over former champion Adorable Anthony Andrews!!

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