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Stunt Marshall

April 17, 2015 - Adrenaline!

Night one of the AWN Championship tournament started off with a bang. Here's what went down!!

Stunt Marshall defeats Fry Daddy to become the new AWN Heritage Champion!!

Fatality defeats Ryan Phoenix!!

In the first matchup of the championship tournament, Drew Adler defeats Pain to advance to the next round!!

Fry Daddy makes up for his earlier loss and defeats Delicious Don Yoder to advance to the next round of the tournament!!

Sal Rinauro takes Colt Callaway to school and picks up the pin fall victory to advance to the next round of the tournament.

Logan Creed defeats Marvelous Michael Stevens to advance to the next round of the tournament!!

April 3, 2015 - Adrenaline!

In the opening tag team contest, IamDelicious defeat the PS Playas!!

In town to watch Marv's back, Adorable Anthony Andrews graced the AWN faithful with his presence and defeats Colt Callaway!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy, defeats Adrian Armour!!

In a night of surprise returns, Kross returns to the Wrestleplex and pushes Drew Adler to the limit before coming up short!!

Logan Creed defeats Sylar Cross via disqualification!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens had the odds stacked in his favor against AWN Champion, AJ Steele. With Tradition at ringside and Ryan North as guest referee, a victory seemed to be well in hand, however, Steele makes contact with North and North not only declares Stevens the winner, he also fires Steele!!

March 20, 2015 - Adrenaline!

In the opening contest, Drew Adler defeats Tyson Dean via roll up!!

Fatal plays spoiler and defeats the debuting Ryan Phenix!!

The Grand Design, Clyde Braddock, makes quick work out of Colt Callaway!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens was not only forced to wear a dress but he was also forced to wrestle in said dress. AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy furthered the humiliation by defeating Stevens!!

Stunt Marshall spreads the hate and defeats Delicious Don Yoder!!

Logan Creed and AJ Steele team up and show the AWN faithful that, Geter and Brian Blaze are really no Big F'N Deal, and pick up a huge victory!!

March 6th, 2015 - Adrenaline!

In the opening contest, Colt Callaway defeats Dangerous Danny Horne!!

In tag team action, Big F'ng Deal defeats IamDelicious!!

Pain defeats Drew Adler via pinfall!!

Pandora defeats Marvelous Michael Stevens. As per the stipulation, Stevens has to wear a dress in the concession stand!!

Stunt Marshall defeats the debuting, Josh Storm!!

AJ Steele vs Logan Creed ends in a no contest after AWN GM, Ryan North, abruptly ends this contest!!

Fry Daddy retains the AWN Heritage Championship with a pinfall victory over Clyde Braddock!!

February 20th - VENDETTA 2015!!!

Marvelous Michael Stevens defeats Fatality!!

Stunt Marshall spreads the hate and picks up yet another win over Colt Callaway!!

Kyle Matthews returns to middle Georgia and gets a clean victory over Encore Zac Edwards!!

AWN Heritage Champion, Fry Daddy, defeats Shawn Hunter via pinfall!!

In easily the match of the night, Sal Rinauro reminds us all why he is one of the best in the game and puts on an absolute clinic against Drew Adler. Adler once again shows that he can hang with big league talent but falls short in this instant classic!!

It didn't take long for the Phenom/Pain union to implode and AWN Champion, AJ Steele takes advantage to retain his title!!

January 30th, 2015 - Adrenaline!

In the opening contest, Fry Daddy defeats Stunt Marshall via pinfall!!

In tag team action,IamDelicious defeats the PS Playas!!

Pain makes quick work out of Logan Creed and continues to build momentum heading into Vendetta and his shot at AWN gold!!

Phenom destroys Colt Callaway!!

In a three on one handicap match, AWN Tag Team Champions, the Beautiful Bald Besties, team with Stunt Marshall and simply overwhelm, Drew Adler, for the win!!

AJ Steele retains the AWN Championship with an impressive victory over Bill the Butcher

January 16th, 2015 -- ADRENALINE!!!

In the opening contest, Marvelous Michael Stevens defeats Delicious Don Yoder via pin fall!!

Colt Callaway ends his brief losing streak and gets a pin fall victory over Stunt Marshall!!

AWN Champion, AJ Steele and the monster, Pain, ends in a no contest as both me strike the referee and refuse to comply with his instructions!!

Encore Zac Edwards defeats IamFatality in solo action!!

Logan Creed gets a count out victory over AWN Heritage Champion, Clyde Braddock!!

Drew Adler goes thirty minutes and defeats Jimmy Rave via submission in the match of the night!!

January 2nd, 2015 -- ADRENALINE!!!

In your opening contest, Fry Daddy defeats 2014 AWN Rising Star, Stunt Marshall via pinfall!!

Pain destroys the hard charging Colt Callaway!!

The Beautiful Bald Besties defeat Delicious Don Yoder in a handicap match after GM Ryan North throws IamFatality out of the building!!

After a literal slugfest, Logan Creed defeats the gigantic, Grizz via pinfall!!

AWN Heritage Champion Clyde Braddock defeats the debuting, Odenson, in a non-title contest!!

AWN Champion, AJ Steele gets a a DQ victory over Phenom after Pain interferes!!

December 19th, 2014 - CHRISTMAS CHAOS!!!

Fry Daddy defeats Chip Day to become the number one contender for Clyde Braddock and his AWN Heritage title!!

Adrian Armour gets a pinfall victory over Delicious Don Yoder!!

The Beautiful Bald Besties defeat Drew Adler and Colt Callaway to once again become AWN Tag Team Champions!!

In a battle of big men, Phenom defeats Logan Creed!!

IamFatality gets a DQ victory over Sylar Cross after the BBB attack the fatal one!!

Aj Steele retains the AWN Championship with a clean, pin fall victory over Tyson Dean!!

December 5th, 2014 -- Adrenaline!

In the opening contest of the evening, IamDelicious defeats the Beautiful Bald Besties!!

Stunt Marshall interrupts a Colt Callaway promo and pays the price as Callaway picks up a pinfall victory!!

Phenom defeats Desperado Christian Walker!!

In the match of the night, Drew Adler defeats Fred Yehi via pinfall!!

Clyde Braddock overcomes a ultra-aggressive Fry Daddy to retain his AWN Heritage Championship!!

In a non-title contest, AWN Heavyweight Champion, AJ Steele suffers his first defeat in months at the hands of Pain!!

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